Volunteer Opportunities



The Beaman Home relies on volunteer help to provide services to victims of domestic violence in the Kosciusko, Fulton and Marshall Counties.  You may be able to help!


The Board of Directors has established a committee structure to handle our organization’s programs and responsibilities.  This structure depends heavily on “Friends of Beaman Home Volunteers” to serve on the committees and to assist staff in various ways.  Volunteers with skills in the following areas are encouraged to contact Renea Salyer, Executive Director

574-267-7701 or email info@thebeamanhome.org


  • HR/Legal 
  • Facility Maintenance 
  • Finance  
  • Marketing 
  • Fundraising


Emergency Shelter Volunteer Opportunities


In our Emergency Shelter, we provide temporary shelter, food, clothing and other basic necessities needed by domestic violence victims seeking our assistance. 


To volunteer, call 574-267-7701 or email info@thebeamanhome.org.


Volunteer Opportunities in our Emergency Shelter include:

  • Childrens Activities/Childcare 
  • Client Transport
  • Housekeeping 
  • Building maintenance & repair
  • Home Repair and Maintenance
  • Moving Assistance
  • Workshop Facilitating


Mary Ann's Place


Mary Ann's Place is a centralized location for our supporters to donate in-kind goods including clothing, personal care items, household items, furniture and food to enable our program participants to access donated items for use by our clients and for resale to support the programs of Beaman. 


To help at Mary Ann's Place, phone 574-376-4379 or email info@thebeamanhome.org.


Volunteer opportunities include: 

  • Receiving Clerk
  • Inventory Clerk


Special Events


Throughout the year, volunteers are needed to organize and assist with events and fundraisers.  To volunteer, phone Renea at 574-267-7701 or email rsalyer@thebeamanhome.org.



Equal Employment/Volunteer Policy


Our policy is to provide equal opportunity without regard to race, creed, color, age, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability. This includes all human resource practices with respect to compensation, benefits, training, promotions, layoffs, and/or terminations.

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